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Malaysian Youths Share Their Hopes For A Better Malaysia Through #LetterToYourPM

The initiative by Unicef Malaysia is to promote children's interest in the wake of GE14.

Through an initiative by United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) Malaysia, Malaysian youths are sharing their aspirations for the country post-GE14 in letters addressed to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Using the hashtag #lettertomypm, the initiative encourages youths of all ages to share their takes on what reforms the 92-year-old should implement to improve the country, Malay Mail reported.

In a statement released by Unicef Malaysia, the organisation expressed their hope that the new government will be inspired to "appoint a Children's Commissioner as an independent advisor to monitor the rights and well-being of children and promote their best interests in law and policy."

Over 100 photos with the hashtag have been uploaded onto Instagram since the conclusion of GE14, in which many youths urged Tun Mahathir to focus on education reforms

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While 11-year-old Gaia wrote that free education would mean that more children will have a "higher chance of a better future", 17-year-old Jennifer asked for "a system based on merit, not race."

Others called for a Malaysia free from racial bias, a healthier economy, and better conservation for the country's flora and fauna

Several used the hashtag to simply wish Tun Dr Mahathir congratulations on becoming prime for the second time, and express their gratitude towards him for his service

Kanageswari from Melaka thanked the 92-year-old for his return to politics despite already retiring, saying that, "Our Prime Minister might look old but his thinking and actions are bold."

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